Development practices

We follow a number of well-crafted practices to guarantee the success of our projects.

Effective management

Transparent and flexible resource management, regular and detailed reporting, clear planning and estimates, open information on risks and unexpected issues - all this is aimed to guarantee that the work is done in time and on high quality level.

Mastering communication skills

We use all available communication channels to make sure the information reaches right persons without any delay. We try to minimize the overhead of not being with our client in the same office. All our developers have good knowledge of technical English. In-house English courses are organized to ensure that our communication skills are kept on the right level.

24h/7d availability

Our regular week is 40 hours, but we are ready to longer hours and working weekends in case of emergency. We also practice special duty service on non-matching holidays.

High motivation

Our team is result-oriented. Nothing is more rewarding than the solution that works and brings satisfaction to our clients. We also would like to follow the news and marketing activities of our clients to share the success with them. Visit exchanges help us to find the common language and enjoy the joint work and cultural differences.